Gerber Legendary Blades are without a doubt one of the most popular brands in outdoor and hunting knives in the world. The reason Gerber Knives are so popular is because of their commitment to detail. Each and every knife is designed with the end user in mind and created to serve a much needed purpose. Whether you need a knife to cut through a seat belt in a rescue operation, or a blade that will serve you well while fly fishing on your favorite river, Gerber makes a knife that will do the job.

Gerber products are about getting back to relying on yourself and loosing that feeling of helplessness that so many of us have acquired. If something needs fixing then you should be reaching for the tool to fix it, not the phone to call the repair man. Gerbers sturdy line of multi tools and LED based lighting equipment are a testament to how in tune Gerber is with the needs of their consumers. The normal ordinary pocket knife will never be normal or ordinary again as long as it has the name Gerber on it.

Gerber Legendary Blades is a maker of tools and knives.  Joseph Gerber founded it in 1939 in Portland, Oregon.  It began as a family business, but today is a sub-division of the Fiskars Brand Inc.  Gerber knives and tools are high -quality, top of the line products that will change you the way you look at your knives, tools, light, outdoor accessories, packs and hydration products.

The History of Gerber Knives

It all started when Gerber was working at the family advertising firm in 1910.  One Christmas he had a local knife-maker craft 25 sets of kitchen knives as gifts for some of his clients.  The knives were so well received that it led to the vision of Gerber Knives.  In 1939, he launched Gerber Legendary Blades, and sold them in the popular retailer catalog, Abercrombie & Fitch.   In 1987, Fiskars purchased the Gerber Knives brand, and the company grew to the famous name we know today. Now, the Gerber employs more than 300 people, revenues near $100 million and is the second leading seller or multi-tools in the United States.

A Hunting Knife made by Gerber is made to last a lifetime of abuse. When you are in a survival situation you really want to have a knife that is made by a reputable company and not some cheap knock off brand. Gerber has been a leader in knife making for decades and creates top notch products. Most of the Military use Gerber Legendary Blades as standard issue and many units are required to have a Gerber in their arsenal. Many Police units also trust Gerber as the source of their secondary weapons. Gerber's line of tactical blades includes everything from large boot knives to smaller flip blades that can be hidden and deployed easily with minimal effort.

Gerber knives are top of the line and have been an innovative company for years, making use of new materials that other companies hadn't even thought of, and consistently improving all of their designs and materials used. The quality of materials in a Gerber legendary blade really is indeed noticeable right from the beginning, from every aspect like the look and feel to it.

It doesn't matter if you are trying to clean what you just caught in the wild, make the finest dinner you've ever made with great attention to detail, or trying to fix something that has broken, a Gerber knife is exactly what you are going to need to get the job done.

Having a knife set or knife for serious work is obviously serious business, and safety needs to come number one. With the quality that the Gerber name stands for, you know that you will be handling some of the safest equipment of it's kind in the world. A hunting knife for instance, is something you definitely don't want to take chances on. For some it could mean the difference between eating and not eating, and even surviving or not.

You want to take special care of your Gerber knives, as they truly are legendary to the point where they should be respected. There are so many different types of Gerber knives that you can choose from, so there are a couple ways you can go about choosing what one you want. Firstly, you can lay out exactly what you are looking for and then find it online, and order it directly to your house or business. Secondly, you can browse through the large collection of Gerber knives available today, and pick and choose exactly what you want.

It's not just knives that you can buy on this site either, you can also get very cool Gerber multi tools that let you do all sorts of stuff. Remember, what one man can do so can another and that means that you can probably fix any problem that somebody else will charge an arm and a leg for! Gerber tools can fix nearly any problem you have, and you will feel like the professional with one of these in your hands.

One of the cool things that a lot of people opt to do when they are getting their Gerber tools is laser engraving something (like a business name) right into the knives or tools, making it that much more personal. You can get it done for really cheap too, as low as $1 per tool lasered.

Speaking of price, you will find the best prices and best value on Gerber knives and Gerber tools right here on this website. Simply use the navigation in the top left corner and you will be able to browse the top picks in every category. If you already know what you are looking for than it will be a breeze, and it's definitely fun just to browse through and see all of the different things available from Gerber.

When you think about buying knives, you might immediately picture those door to door salesmen trying to push cheap or knock off product on to you for outrageous prices. And to think you have to say no to this person wielding 20 different knives in your face, talking a million miles a minute! Well Gerber knives are so much more than that, they are a full-fledged company that makes anything with a blade. From the best scissors, to axes, to hunting knives, to all sorts of tools with the latest light technology, Gerber really has it all.

It's time to take a good look around our website at all of the different Gerber knives that you can get. These Gerber legendary blades are all truly top of the line, and you can be assured that all of the products found on this website are 100% authentic and you'll never get a knockoff. Since Gerber tools and knives are indeed so popular, they are also heavily knocked off in the black market, with similar looking but lower quality tools and knives. Not only is it highly illegal, they are dangerous and can snap in half leaving you at the mercy of your follow through.

While you can surely expect to get tools or your knife in pristine and perfect condition, Gerber offers a really great warranty on defects on material or manufacturing, and they will take a look at any broken knife and make a judgment on a case by case basis if the item should be replaced or not. The best part about these knives though is that they are of legendary quality, and rarely if ever break. They are truly the best tools that you can buy for the price, but don't just take our word for it - start browsing around.

You'll find every type of Gerber knife that you've heard so much about or seen your friends using right here on this website. For instance, there is the famous and legendary Gerber gut hook knife which is specifically made for hunting and opening up your catches without poisoning your food or losing meat that you shouldn't have. That means that you can have safer meals as well as having more food on the table or money in your pocket by using these amazing gut hook knives.

Gerber tactical knives are something that people have been using for self-defense for decades, and nothing has changed to this day. Well, the technology has and even the quality has improved with Gerber tactical knives, and all sorts of people from self-defense experts to police officers recommend using this brand of knife for self-defense. They are so small that they can easily be hidden, and they are also very versatile, allowing you to fend off your attacker.

There are many more types of knifes and blades on tools that are from Gerber, which you can find by browsing the top left navigation on this page.


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